Nuka Comunicació is a communication agency specialized in disseminating projects committed to human rights, social justice, welfare and culture and focusing its service on the recovery of the social task of journalism. In Catalonia there is a instrument available to entities, associations, institutions, universities and the media that believe in communication as an effective system for a more equitable, just and socially sustainable reality.


The main objectives of Nuka Comunicació are the entities that help the most vulnerable, the associations and collectives that claim improvements in people’s quality life, the organism that contribute to environmental policies, the communities dedicated to claiming social improvements for all citizens, the university research that enriches our knowledge and cultural initiatives that broaden our horizons and promote creation.


Nuka Comunicació is a new actor in communication that tries to fill the gap left unattended by the main media and communication organisations in the country and that flees from the institutionalisation of discourse and tries to generate new perspectives so that citizens have more elements of judgement about the society in which they live. We offer ourselves to all those entities, organisations, collectives and people who share these values and want to spread them so that they reach as many people as possible.